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Mindful Touch & Movement” defines a holistic approach to the body-mind-spirit system based on the art of listening, presence, multidimensional and mindful touch and movement.
I offer courses and workshops for groups and individuals. I offer retreats and treatments.
You can find me in Italy and abroad.

Thai Massage Firenze - Flora Bisogno
Flora Bisogno, Firenze



Thai Massage “Mindful Touch & Movement” courses are designed for anyone wishing to learn the principles and techniques of an ancient healing art. The prime focus is on mindful touch and movement that brings profound and lasting benefits to both the receiver and the practitioner. The courses provide you with theory and practice foundations, tools to improve your abilities of touch, listening and being present, to take care about yourself and your approach during the treatments. Who is it for? Anyone who wants to promote and support well being of self and others. Professionals, like physiotherapists, osteopaths, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, Yoga or Tai Chi teachers as well as dance therapists, will be able to broaden and enhance their practice with deeper and more profound holistic knowledge.

Flora Bisogno, Firenze



Dynamic Thai is a highly therapeutic style of treatment that invites the practitioner and the receiver to rhythm, fluidity, creativity, joy and playfulness.
The technique is of interest also for those who practice or teach disciplines of movement, of body expression and contact (e.g. dance, contact improvisation, theatre).
Dynamic Thai style improves easily the rebalancing of the nervous system, the drainage of the lymphatic system, the stimulation of the circulatory system, and the restoration of mobility in the musculoskeletal system as well as vitality in the tissues.

Thai Massage con Flora Bisogno, Italia
Corsi di Formazione e seminari di Osteothai con Flora Bisogno
Flora Bisogno, Firenze



Osteothai is a discipline founded in France by David Lutt (D.O.) and in his words: “It is a form of work on the body that combines the extraordinary creativity and power of Thai Massage with the precision and gentleness of the osteopathic touch”. Osteothai workshops are designed for those who want to practice and develop the techniques of the “multidimensional touch”, those who want to give a more precise, informed, gentle and effective touch, those who intend to acquire, integrate and refine holistic perspectives, tools and skills to support the self-regulation and homeostasis of the body-mind-spirit network.

Flora Bisogno, Firenze


classes for groups and individuals and retreats

We practice in a rigorous, and at the same time, enjoyable way, movement, breathing and meditation. We encourage the development of an ethic of kindness towards everyone and everything. The purpose of Yoga, intended as a mindful practice, is the transformation of the unquiet mind towards the mind of loving-kindness. All practices that lead in this direction can be considered Yoga.

Ritiri di Yoga a Firenze con Flora Bisogno
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