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Flora Bisogno, Firenze

Classes for groups and individuals and retreats

We practice techniques for movement, breathing and meditation, in a rigorous and at the same time pleasant way. We promote the development of an ethic of kindness towards everyone and everything.
The purpose of Yoga, understood as a practice of awareness, is the transformation of the agitated mind towards the mind of kindness: a way that opens up the possibility for us to be at ease, even when we perceive physical or mental discomfort. All practices that go in this direction can be considered Yoga.

Flora Bisogno, Firenze


The practice is based on my specific combination of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga techniques, Qi-gong, Thai Massage, in addition at the meditative practices inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s Zen Buddhism and the monastic community he founded (Plum Village). In this synthesis we can find powerful antidotes to general discomforts and unquiet mind.

Plum Village
Corsi di Yoga con Flora Bisogno a firenze e Vaglia, Italia


  • To strengthen muscles tone and vitality
  • To increase flexibility
  • To improve breath and concentration
  • To promote relaxation and myofascia release
  • To train the sense of proprioception (control of position and movement in space) and that of interoception (sensitivity of information coming from the viscera)
  • Global implement adaptation to external and internal inputs
  • To get in contact with your own innate resources
  • To cultivate non-judgmental attitude, no-fear and smile
Flora Bisogno, Firenze


Each participant receives adequate attention to orientate towards the most suitable techniques. In my classes, you become more expert on yourself and learn to anticipate, improve and adapt your responses to external and internal inputs. Furthermore, we create sangha, or community, by sharing mutual support with others. If you prefer, you can still opt for individual lessons (also online) and be guided in personalized practices.

Corsi e lezioni di Yoga con Flora Bisogno
Flora Bisogno, Firenze


A couple of times a year we retreat to places away from the cities. We dedicate quality time to rest, Yoga, Qi-gong, sitting and walking meditation, self-massage, Dharma readings. Retreats are an important time to stop, dwell, and receive nourishment for body, mind and heart and to enjoy the sangha.

Corsi , seminari e ritiri di Yoga con Flora Bisogno
Meditazione camminata con Flora Bisogno, Firenze
Flora Bisogno, Firenze


From spring to autumn you can participate in walk meditation sessions in the nature. We are inspired by the walking meditation practice of Thich Nath Hanh, and by the art of Shinrin Yoku (immersion in the forest). On these occasions, we nourish ourselves with the elements of nature and we resonate with the abundance Mother Earth is offering us: physical, symbolic, spiritual and energetic resources. We cultivate peace at every step.

Flora Bisogno, Firenze


There is no stillness of the mind without stillness of the body. These are not possible without mindfulness. There is no mindfulness without concentration. There is no concentration without discipline and ethics.

The stillness we want to cultivate is not the absence of something; it is rather the presence of something. It is the fruit of the practice of being present to us and to our surroundings. Mindfulness is the energy that allows us to stay in touch with the present moment. To cultivate mindfulness is necessary to have a practice of concentration, meditation or exercise, such as that of breathing. Usually our body is here but our mind is elsewhere. The Buddha first taught to touch the present moment through the breath, which thus becomes a bridge between body and mind. We become more aware of what is happening inside and outside of us and in this way we can offer a better quality presence to ourselves and to others.
However, I might practice in a disciplined way, I might have the strongest and healthiest body possible, a stable mind and be able to disentangle and observe without identifying too much. But I will be truly at peace only if I act according to an ethic of kindness. These principles, which we all need, encompass all the healthy states of mind to live a life with quality and without fear.

Ritiri e seminari di Yoga con Flora Bisogno a Firenze
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