Flora Bisogno, Firenze


The art of mindful touch, the Sacred Dance

Thai Massage has been practiced for more than 2500 years among monks and yogis, alongside with herbal medicine, nutrition and spiritual practice. Thai Massage has been transmitted in the temples from master to master and today is still a discipline connected to the teachings of the Buddha.

Corsi di Thai Massage a Firenze con Flora Bisogno
Flora Bisogno, Firenze


Thai Massage in synthesis nourishes the different layers of the body (kosha), rebalancing the flow of energy, reestablishing a state of stillness, relaxing muscles and internal organs while providing mobility and vitality. It is a total treatment, which lasts at least one hour, in which the receiver feels supported and lives an experience comparable to that of being cared for as a child.


Every Thai Massage session is a meditation in movement that generates (and undertakes) stillness, focusing and well being, also for the giver. Practicing Thai Massage ad a therapist is comparable to start on a path of transformation towards:

  • the self-care and consciousness
  • the development and refinement of skills related to touch, intention and communication
  • the development of spiritual qualities such as loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), joy (mudita) and equanimity (uppeksa)
Flora Bisogno, Firenze


The basic course of Thai Massage is divided into two levels for a total of 70 hours of class: Level 1, “The art of mindful touch” and Level 2, “The sacred dance”. Both levels take place over four weekends or in two blocks of five days in residential form. To these levels you can complement with Thai Advanced and Dynamic Thai courses and Osteothai workshops. In the Thai Massage Level 1 and 2 you will learn the foundations, principles and techniques that will allow you to give a complete treatment of one to two hours, in a simple, safe and effective way. In the class you will be shown the sequences, which you will practice right away and you will be followed and corrected with care and kindness as you learn.

You will learn rhythmic and static pressures applied on specific lines called “Sen” and points along the whole body: using your thumbs, palms, forearms and feet, as well as stretching and passive yoga asana.
You will be guided to carefully engage the force of gravity and correct your posture, to treat all tissues in depth and effortlessly: muscles, tendons, connective tissue, fascia layers, and internal organs. The main objective of this art is to remove obstacles and to free the flow of fluids and energy.
Certificate: Thai Massage 1 e Thai Massage 2, Lulyani School of Thai Massage & Osteothai

Flora Bisogno: Thai Yoga Massage Formazione insegnanti

MAIN TOPICS of the Level 1

  • The historical roots, the theoretical and practical foundations of Thai Massage
  • The spiritual foundations of Thai Massage: the “Four Immeasurable” and the “Three Jewels”
  • The principles of touch and of the techniques
  • Posture and breathing during treatment
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • Taking care of oneself, of the other and of the setting
  • “Sen” lines: where to find them and how to treat them


  • Feet and ankles treatment
  • Sen lines on the legs
  • Lower limb stretching exercises
  • Treatment in side position
  • General treatment of abdomen, chest, arms
  • Treatment in prone position
  • Sen lines on the back
  • Neck and face treatment
  • Final integration

MAIN TOPICS of the Level 2

  • Level 1 Thai contents review and completion of the sequence
  • Deepening of principles and techniques aimed to specific needs
  • Development of touch sensitivity and intuition
  • Focus on transitions: fluidity, harmony and grace in the treatment
  • Therapeutic aspects
  • Herbal compress


  • Invitation to Savasana
  • Russian/Hanuman dance
  • Side position
  • The “Blood stop
  • General treatment of the belly
  • Integration with some dynamic/static technique in prone and side position
  • Seated position
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