Flora Bisogno, Firenze


Osteothai is presence and multidimensional touch

We take inspiration from the philosophy of osteopathy to develop a clear view of the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of the body. As practitioners we aim to restore mobility and vitality in the areas where it is most needed, we support the self-healing conditions of the receiver.
In Osteothai’s workshops we study (in a targeted way) elements of anatomy and physiology, some principles of osteopathy; we learn to integrate precise and gentle techniques in the context of a holistic treatment on the floor.
The Osteothai’s workshops are divided into specific topics. The classes take place over three consecutive days and are mainly aimed at those who have previous experience of Thai Massage or other bodywork disciplines on the floor.
Osteothai’s workshops do not constitute a “complete training” (for which we suggest to attend the full courses of the Lulyani School), but they are a serious introduction and deepening in this discipline. You can attend after an interview to better address your expectations.
By these workshops you will be introduced to the principles and techniques of “multidimensional” touch, you will acquire new and precise perspectives, tools, tactile and therapeutic skills that you can integrate into the treatment you already offer.

Seminario di Osteothai con Flora Bisogno


  • Essential principles of osteopathic philosophy and vision of the “system”
  • Different types of touch (earth, fire, water, air): how and when to use them
  • Basics concepts, e.g. reciprocal tension and slack, homeostasis
  • How to integrate static and dynamic techniques in a therapeutic vision
  • How to treat and release fascia
  • General Osteopathic Treatment of the joints
  • CS work: fundamentals
  • Basics to approach the internal organs
  • How to integrate along the axis


  • Osteothai: harmonic/oscillatory techniques
  • Osteothai for the lower back pain
  • Osteothai for the main joints
  • Osteothai for neck, shoulders and head
  • Osteothai for the ANS
  • Osteothai: treating in depth the fasciae network
  • Osteothai: connecting along the axis heart-cranium
  • Osteothai for the lymphatic system
  • Osteothai for the cardio-respiratory system
  • Osteothai for the cranium-sacral system
  • Osteothai: integration of the system
Seminario Osteothai per le articolazioni con Flora Bisogno a Firenze
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