THAI MASSAGE LEVEL 3 “Nuad Thai e Sen Sib”

Corso di formazione di Thai Massage con Flora Bisogno a Firenze

This module is suitable for those who have completed Level 1 and 2 of the basic Thai Massage course, including with other schools and teachers (after interview), and have had a practice for at least a year.

In this course we will go in depth into the philosophy of traditional Thai medicine and the practice of the 10 Sen (Thai Sib Sen or Sen Sip).
Since “opening” and “keeping” the Sen free is one of the primary objectives of treatments in the Thai healing arts, it is of primary importance for every Thai Massage practitioner to know the theory and practice of Lom Prana (“The Wind of Life”, one of the possible translations) and its practical applications.

We will study in depth how these invisible “channels” run along the body and distribute vital energy (also called prana, wind, Lom Pran, Chi).
We will see in detail the trajectories of the 10 Sen, how to locate them, how to manipulate and unlock them with pressure, acupressure, rocking, stretching and other techniques coming from the tradition of Thai Massage and how to apply them to the most common problems such as: foot mobility, plantar fasciitis, treatment deep legs, lower back pain, sciatica, scar treatment, shoulder problems, tennis elbow, pain in the cervical area.

In this course I will teach with Luca Pompili, who has twenty years of experience in the field of Thai Massage and other body disciplines; member of the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation, Luca studied with Mario Milli, Andrea Baglioni and with Thai masters such as Pichet Bonthumme.
He has also attended numerous courses in Chi Nei Tsang, Bio-fluidic Osteopathy, Osteothai, Dynamic Thai. Today he is also a Bowen therapy operator (Bowtec): School recognized by the Australian Academy.

  • Theory and philosophy of the Sen and Lom Prana
  • Elements of traditional Thai medicine
  • Development of sensitivity and intuition in identifying invisible “channels”.
  • How to deal with the Sen: Focus on the most common problems
  • Acquisition of techniques and sequences aimed at specific needs
  • Practice on the most common symptoms
  • Booklet with general program
“Nuad Thai e Sen Sib”

Date: 31.10 – 3.11 2024
Where: Florence
Duration: 30 hrs, 4 days
Schedule: Thu.. 15-18 Fri and Sat. 10-18; Sun. 9-15
Prerequisites: Level 1 e 2 Thai Massage
Language: italian, English
Flora Bisogno, Luca Pompili
Certificate: Mindful Touch & Movement
Cost: € 490 booking open


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